YOUR CONSULTANT IS Chad & Kristen Glauser

My Story

Kristen discovered Scentsy in 2004 at a home remodeling and decorating trade show, where she formed an instant friendship with co-founder Colette Gunnell. It was the first concept Kristen ever fell in love with.  Little did anyone know, the decision to become a Scentsy consultant that day, would be one of life's best decisions.  Meanwhile, Chad was deeply engrossed in more important matters... fire pits and BBQ grills at the show.

For the next four years, Chad worked (struggled) franchising his family restaurant.  Kristen diligently worked her Scentsy business and built a team of superstars.  Always reaching for challenges and incentives, she earned fantastic bonuses and beach trips to Hawaii and Mexico.  Magic was happening in Scentsy.  Before long, Chad realized that he was in the wrong business.  Plans were made to sell the restaurant and Chad  joined Kristen as partners in Scentsy.

June 1, 2009 Chad and Kristen moved from Utah to Alaska, fulfilling a lifelong dream.  They live life to the fullest and are very active in the business.  They have two boys, Bodhi (15) and Cameron (13), and little Aubrie (7) .  The boys also help in the family business, between fishing trips and exploring Alaska.

Chad and Kristen, together coach and train their team throughout the US, Canada Mexico, and Europe and Australia.  Their favorite part of the business is sharing with independent, success minded consultants how to build a successful business of their own.  We welcome all people onto our team.  If you have a desire to build a Scentsy business, we would love to share ideas with you and help you get started.  Feel free to send us an email or call if you have questions.